Wanting to learn the skill for kayaking to compete in multisport events?


We can teach you how to be safe out there on the river while training, as well as teach you how to go fast and stay in your boat.


If you are needing your Grade 2 certificate for the Coast to Coast, we are approved assessors. Under New Zealand's Adventure Activity Regulations anybody commercially offering training or assessment in kayak skills need to be able to provide clients with their Audit certification. Kaituna Kayaks are audited by Adventure Mark to guide and teach kayaking, and we have a number of excellent teaching rivers in our area.

Our 3 day course will cover everything needed for the Grade 2 certificate, for 1st time whitewater paddlers we recommend doing a few days instruction before booking on the full grade 2 course or have at least been on a river in a kayak before.


This Course will cover




 Identifies and responds appropriately to Grade 2 river features. 

Eddylines, wave trains, holes, buffer waves, bluffs, side currents and boils. 

Identifies and demonstrates paddling safe and efficient lines. 

Demonstrates efficient and effective forward paddling. 

Demonstrates efficient and effective forward and reverse sweep strokes. Remains balanced. 

Demonstrates effective low brace. Can right self from tipping point. Can use appropriately while paddling in rapid. 

Demonstrates breaking in and out of eddies. Can hold desired line. Remains balanced. 

Demonstrates ferry gliding. Can hold desired line. Remains balanced. 




 Understands correct use of personal kayaking and safety equipment. Can identify appropriate and inappropriate equipment. Including kayak, PFD, helmet, thermals, paddle, spraydeck. 

Recognises and understands hazards associated with kayaking, including broaching, strainers and foot entrapment. The appropriate actions required to avoid or deal with these hazards are described and/or demonstrated. 

Demonstrates self rescue with kayak and gear. Candidate capsizes, stays calm, gathers equipment and efficiently moves to bank. Empties boat and paddling again within efficient timeframe. 

Demonstrates safe rapid float position (on back, feet first, feet up etc). 

Demonstrates assertive white water swimming across wave train and eddyline. 

Demonstrates being rescued with aid of another craft (kayaker and/or jetboat). 

Receives a throw bag as a swimmer in Grade 2. Correct holding of rope and body. 

Can describe and identify, prevention, symptoms and treatment of hypothermia. 


Course Dates 2020 based Around Rotorua



Cost is $240pp per day 


We have a course running 28th 29th Nov for tandem kayak coast 2 coast entry-level,  this is a refresher course not the full certification program. For anyone who wants to get more practice.

26th 27th Nov

2 day certification course for anyone who already has kayaking skills and thinks they can already achieve everything on the coast 2 coast check list.


For other dates please enquire.


These Courses need a minimum 2 clients to run.